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Employers Face Skill Shortages on a Global Scale

North Bay Business Journal BY GLORIA DUNN VIOLIN How do employment practices in the United States match up with those in the rest of the world? Are we performing as well as our peers? Or, are our strategies less proactive and outcomes more challenging? What can countries learn from each other about how to best [...]

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Boomers who invented today’s workplace shows value older workers

THE NEW RETIREMENT: A PARADIGM SHIFT North Bay Business Journal BY GLORIA DUNN VIOLIN In today’s work world, can we function without computers, or the web, or the cell phone? Not likely. These inventions have transformed our jobs — and personal lives — for good. Yet, when we talk about ageism in the workplace, [...]

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Increase Your Bottom Line by Managing Workplace Stress

by Gloria Dunn, President Wiser Ways to Work® Workplace stress is costly. Stress reduces productivity, attracts lawsuits, and encourages turnover. It wastes budgets, disturbs work plans, and breaks down communication. Stress is also a precursor to many diseases and accidents draining financial coffers through Workman’s Comp claims and the cost of health insurance. If you [...]

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Your Promoted! Now Go Fail — The Dilemmas Faced by New Supervisors

by Gloria Dunn Earning a promotion sounds great. We work with the hope that we will be recognized for our abilities so we can advance our careers and increase our paychecks. But, for new supervisors, this type of recognition usually advances us to failure. Supervisors are usually thrust into positions without a clear job definition, [...]

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Great Managers: Key to Your Success

by Gloria Dunn-Violin The Human Resource's assistant sits across the employee who just quit. The main exit interview question is posed. "Why have you decided to leave," she asks. The employee fidgets in his seat. "I just want to try something different," is the answer. Another person afraid to tell the truth. But we know [...]

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10 Do or Die Strategies for Successful Managers

by Gloria Dunn-Violin, Management and Organizational Development Consultant Wiser Ways to Work®: Many companies continue to struggle with costly turnover because they fail to train their managers to incorporate practices that create employee satisfaction. Here are the top ten keys that Managers must actively use to attract and retain good employees. Champion and model values [...]

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5 Keys to a Wellness Programs that Maintain Profitable Aging Workforce

THE NEW RETIREMENT: A PARADIGM SHIFT North Bay Business Journal BY GLORIA DUNN VIOLIN Healthy employees are more productive. Profitability is a result of productivity. That’s one reason why almost half of the employers in the United States offer wellness programs. Since more workers plan to continue in the workforce past age 65, businesses [...]

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Aging Brains at the Office Become More Productive

North Bay BIZ MagazineBy Gloria Dunn-ViolinApril 10, 2016 Do the brains of aging employee slow down and become less productive, innovative and effective? Or, do they become more prolific over time? Actually, as individuals’ age, their brains get smarter and function better. As we age, “the brain begins to compensate by using more of itself,” [...]

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Companies rethink early retirement policies to keep aging entrepreneurs from exiting

North Bay Business Journal THE NEW RETIREMENT: A PARADIGM SHIFT February 22, 2016 BY GLORIA DUNN-VIOLIN Aging workers are challenging the traditional definition of retirement by continuing to work—even though ageism and old rules prevent companies from hiring or retaining this productive and experienced group. No longer willing to wait for employers to invest in [...]

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Six steps to plan retirement as thoughtfully as you work

North Bay Business Journal THE NEW RETIREMENT: A PARADIGM SHIFT January 11, 2016 BY GLORIA DUNN-VIOLIN Dealing with change in organizations and in our personal lives have a lot in common. They both deal with loss, challenges, and adjusting to something new. They both kick us out of our comfort zones where we can become [...]

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