Workshops for Companies

Your company is about to lose its talent to retirement.
Who is going to do the work?
Are you prepared?

Companies will learn how to:
  • Develop workplace cultures that retain current intellectual property and skills
  • Design strategies to keep job openings filled
  • Create a multigenerational culture that trades expertise
  • Engage a positive and productive workforce
  • Prepare for the future
Individuals will learn how to make the rest of their lives… the best of their lives.
  • Learn a new definition of retirement
  • Explore ways to thoroughly enjoy the fullness of the future
  • Unearth dreams of long ago and make them real
  • Find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment in new pursuits
  • Identify and experience personal value

My companies offer employers and the employees programs around the issues of retirement life and workplace sustainability.

I am currently focused on helping organizations evaluate how to design and deliver programs that mitigate the potential impact of baby boomers retiring and leaving jobs that require their knowledge and seasoned skills.

My expertise in organizational development and behavior, retirement life, generational issues, and culture change provides an integrated approach to companies that want to stay in their game and reach bottom line goals.

I’m also guiding pre- and post-retirees through their huge transition to retirement, and showing them how to adapt to this new phase in their lives (this could include working full or part-time). By working with organizations and their employees, my approach to relevant issues will keep companies in business and successful in the marketplace.

My workshops are interactive and personalize each individual’s retirement journey. Audience members take an assessment tool online. Then learn what the tool means to them, and how they can use it to achieve the future they want.  I give clarity to peoples’ desires to move forward toward their personal goals.

Call me to teach your audiences how to get a more fulfilling life. I also work with companies to assess retiring employee needs and guide the implementation of programs that will keep their workforce flush with talent.

For more information about how to bring my workshop to your company, call me at 415-259-7090.