by Gloria Dunn-Violin, Management and Organizational Development Consultant

Wiser Ways to Work®:

Many companies continue to struggle with costly turnover because they fail to train their managers to incorporate practices that create employee satisfaction. Here are the top ten keys that Managers must actively use to attract and retain good employees.

  1. Champion and model values that include respect, trust, empathy and support.
  2. Cultivate workforce empowerment and collaborative strategies.
  3. Establish expectations and accountability for a job or project; and give appropriate feedback, guidance, and appreciation.
  4. Measure employees by results, not by work schedule.
  5. Make resources available that help employees plan their career growth.
  6. Treat employees as individuals. Know their individual learning, behavioral, and communication styles.
  7. Have a flexible system that supports life outside of work; encourage work/life balance.
  8. Teach the four generations in the workplace how to share their talents and experience.
  9. Develop a harmonious, supportive, and positive work environment.
  10. Make sure employees have the tools and training they need to succeed.

Remember, you’’re only as successful as your employees. Managers willing to rethink, retread and reactivate their employee focus and practices will attract and retain the best employees.